Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Red, Yellow, and Blue?

Now that it's summer I want to be outside as much as possible, in fact, I basically just want to go to the beach and not come back till Labor Day! Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of doing that so I'm trying my best to stay focused.  Although seeing a photo like the one below on Pinterest makes it hard.  Ahhh, a clambake on the beach...I seriously could do that every night for the entire summer and never tire of it.  Okay, back to focus, what also caught my attention was how fun the red, yellow, and blue looked together and I began to wonder how those colors would look together in a design scheme.  The colors are fresh and vibrant which I think would be perfect for a beach house.  And then I came upon this kitchen by Ashley Whitaker (one of my absolute favorite designers!!) and was like "YES."  So I decided to put together a design scheme for a dining/living area that would be a perfect complement off of that kitchen.

Untitled #15


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